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We Broke it, Let's help them cope with it

As a family law mediator, are you in search of effective strategies to assist your clients in navigating the complex and undoubtedly one of the most challenging conversations, discussing their impending divorce with their children?


Our  webinar "We Broke It, Let's Help Them Cope With It"  led by Wileen Wichmann-Venter is precisely tailored to provide you with comprehensive tools and techniques. 


We understand the delicate nature of these conversations and aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge to guide families towards healthy and constructive communication during this challenging time.


During the webinar, our host will address the vital importance of parental involvement in guiding children through the intricate process of divorce. Wileen will thoroughly examine personalised methods for delivering this delicate information, stressing the significance of comprehending each child's unique characteristics. Furthermore, she will delve into efficient communication techniques tailored to various age groups, offering practical advice on effectively conveying the news of divorce to young children, pre-teens, and teenagers. Moreover, Wileen will concentrate on fostering open and sincere channels of communication between parents and children, equipping parents with the tools to bolster their children's emotional strength throughout the divorce journey and beyond.

Key Topics During this Webinar 


  1.  Understanding the impact of divorce on children's emotional well-being

  2.  Recognizing the different needs and reactions of children based on their age

  3.  Practical tips for conveying divorce news to young children, pre-teens, and teenagers

  4.  Nurturing open and honest communication channels between parents and children

  5.  Empowering parents to support their children's emotional resilience during and after divorce


This webinar is an invaluable resource for family law mediators who strive to provide comprehensive support to their clients. 


By participating, you will:

  1.  Gain a deep understanding of children's emotional responses to divorce

  2.  Acquire strategies to assist parents in conveying divorce news

  3.  Enhance your mediation toolkit with age-appropriate communication techniques

  4.  Be equipped to address parents' concerns and guide them through challenging conversations


Our host, Wileen Wichmann-Venter is an accomplished professional with a honours degree in Educational Psychology and extensive experience in working with disabled children. As the former owner of a private school for 15 years, she has honed her expertise in supporting children's learning and emotional well-being. Wileen is also a qualified level 2 Solisten/Tomatis practitioner. To learn more about her work, please visit her website at or


The way we convey divorce news can profoundly impact children's well-being. Let's come together and learn how to provide the support and guidance they need during this crucial time.

CPD Points - 2

We broke it, let's help them cope with it

We broke it, let's help them cope with it

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