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SAAM Membership

Unlock Your Potential as an Accredited SAAM Member!

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in

South Africa's evolving family law mediation


Join SAAM  today and become an accredited member at the forefront of positive change!

As South Africa increasingly turns to mediation to navigate the complexities of divorce, SAAM members are at the heart of this transformation.

Be part of a community dedicated to providing assistance, guidance, and unwavering support to families during their most trying times.

Why Choose SAAM Accreditation?

Expertise: Gain access to cutting-edge mediation

techniques and training resources.
Recognition: Showcase your commitment to excellence in family law mediation.
Network: Connect with a dynamic network of like-minded professionals.
Impact: Empower families to find peaceful resolutions and minimise conflict.


Join SAAM now and be the guiding light families need

during their most challenging moments.

SAAM Selection Criteria

  • Matric + 3 years post matric study as a minimum.

  • Legal and/or Social Sciences background will be an advantage

  • Completion of required NABFAM accredited training or application on the grounds of prior learning and experience.


First Time Accreditation Application Fee

  • Once off payment

  • Payable on approval of application

  • Valid for 12 months


Continued Accreditation Application Fee

  • Payable annually on renewal of accreditation


Annual Membership Fee

  • 1 April to 31 March each year

  • Payable annually on or before 31 March


Associate Member

  • Members who have paid their membership fees, achieved the minimum required academic qualification standards but have not been granted accreditation by the Executive Committee of SAAM.

  • SAAM urges you to complete the required training to accredit as an accredited mediator within six months of the associate membership application.


 Practising Mediator

  • Members who have passed such qualifying mediation training and who have attained such general educational standards as may from time to time be prescribed by this Association and which entitles them to practice as mediators or ADR practitioners who practice as mediators.

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