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Practical Experience for New Mediators

The requisite supervised sessions can be obtained in a number of methods as listed.

The Pro Bono Project

After completing your mediation training the final step in getting your full accreditation from SAAM is by being part of the Pro-bono Project.

You will be supervised at the Benoni Magistrate Court to assist in Pro Bono Mediation cases.


Partners on Training

Seeking accreditation after the completion of your foundational training?


Join Partners on Training for the practical requirements to accredit as a family law mediator.

Why is practical experience crucial for family law mediators?

Understanding Complex Family Dynamics: Family law cases involve intricate interpersonal relationships and emotions. Practical experience allows mediators to navigate these complexities effectively. Real-life situations provide valuable insights into the dynamics of families, helping mediators comprehend various perspectives and emotions.

Developing Empathy and Compassion: Practical experience allows mediators to develop empathy and compassion for the parties involved. Dealing with real people and real problems helps mediators connect with the emotions and challenges faced by families going through legal disputes.

Learning Effective Communication: Mediation relies heavily on communication skills. Practical experience enables mediators to refine their communication techniques, such as active listening and paraphrasing, which are essential for effective mediation.

Gaining Legal Knowledge:  Practical experience allows mediators to encounter diverse legal scenarios, enhancing their understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and precedents.

Building Conflict Resolution Skills: Mediators need to be adept at resolving conflicts and finding mutually agreeable solutions. Practical experience provides opportunities to develop and refine these skills by dealing with real disputes and helping parties find resolution.

Handling Emotional Situations: Family law cases often involve intense emotions, such as anger, sadness, or frustration. Practical experience equips mediators with the ability to handle these emotions professionally and guide parties toward productive conversations.

Adapting to Unique Cases: Every family law case is unique, and practical experience exposes mediators to a wide range of situations. This exposure helps them adapt their mediation techniques to suit the specific needs and circumstances of the parties involved.

Building Trust: Practical experience allows mediators to build trust with clients and attorneys. Trust is crucial in mediation, as parties are more likely to engage openly and honestly when they trust the mediator facilitating the process.

Developing Ethical Sensitivity: Mediators need to adhere to ethical guidelines and standards. Practical experience helps them navigate ethical dilemmas and make sound decisions while upholding the integrity of the mediation process.

Meet your SAAM Accredited Supervisors

Mrs. Beverley Loubser

082 575 9711

Johannesburg South

Dr. Lynette Roux 

011 963 0546

East Rand

Adv. Johan Venter

084 702 5661

East Rand

Mrs. Adell-Mari Wolmarans

071 873 2586


Prof. Madelene de Jong

082 787 9144


Mrs. Linda Botha

072 075 0007

Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria

Mrs. Orné Louw

083 675 1632

East Rand

Dr. Sarel Marais

082 580 1848

Vaal Triangle

Mrs. Jacqueline O'Brien

083 403 6777

Johannesburg North

Mrs. Marissa Galloway Bailey

083 964 0248

Johannesburg South

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