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Committee Members

Our Objective

To promote and encourage the adoption and use of the procedure of mediation and ADR as a means of resolving disputes and to refer persons, families, companies, organizations or other entities to mediation if required;

To provide and/or support the education and training for those practicing or wishing to practice as mediators and ADR practitioners and promote the study and practice relating to mediation and ADR;

To determine standards of admission to the various grades of membership of the Association and to provide means for evaluating the qualification of candidates for admission to the appropriate grades of membership;

To promote and encourage the use of mediation services where required;


To provide a forum for the exchange of views and information on matters pertaining to mediation, ADR and related matters;

To print, publish and circulate among members of the Association and other interested persons, papers, books, periodicals, circulars and other literature dealing with mediation, ADR and related matters where required to do so;

To refer or nominate persons as mediators or ADR practitioners for the settlement of disputes;

To ensure standards of professional competence and conduct on the part of its members are maintained;
To liaise with and to present the collective views of its members to related bodies, public authorities and to other interested organizations and persons;

To consider, originate, support and procure improvements in the law relating to mediation and ADR and the general practice of mediation;

To watch over, promote and protect the interests of its members;

To promote the professional status of mediators and ADR practitioners;

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