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What Family Mediators Should Know When Dealing with Non-Member Spouses' Pension Interests Upon Divorce

Elana van den Berg's extensive expertise in the field and her involvement in various industry and regulatory bodies ensure that you'll gain valuable insights that can be applied directly to your work as a family mediator or legal professional. 


Elana is the Legal and Technical Consulting Manager at Momentum Corporate, a division of Momentum Metropolitan Life Ltd. With a BProc (1994) and LLB (1996), she's a Certified Financial Planner (CFP® since 2003) and holds an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in financial planning (2004). Elana began her legal career in 1997, gaining expertise in labour law and retirement fund matters. She has served in various advisory roles before joining Momentum in 2017. Elana actively participates in industry bodies such as the Pension Lawyers Association, IRFA and the Financial Services Conduct Authority Market Steering Committee, shaping legislation and public documents. 


Here's a glimpse of what you can expect: 


🔒 Requirements for a Valid and Enforceable (Against the Fund) Divorce Order: Discover the critical elements that must be in place to ensure that a divorce order is legally binding and recognised by pension funds. 


📈 Developments in the Pipeline to Change the Definition of "Pension Interest": Stay ahead of industry changes and understand how upcoming modifications to the definition of "pension interest" will have a profound impact on divorce settlements. 


💼 Impact of the New 2-Pot Retirement System: Get a comprehensive understanding of the new 2-pot retirement system and how it affects the distribution of pension interests in divorce cases. 


The world of pension interests in divorce cases is evolving, and you can be at the forefront of these changes! 

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Pension Interest

Pension Interest

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