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Parental Alienation Workshop Part 1

During this workshop Leonie Henig and Mervyn Vermeulen will discuss the alienator, the targeted parent and the immense emotional abuse the alienated children experience.

It is evident in these difficult cases that the alienator will exhibit challenging personality traits, including narcissism.

By understanding these characteristics and behaviour, it can assist in making recommendations that will protect the children and serve in their best interest.

The following issues will be discussed and debated during the workshop:

•Should the voice of the alienated be heard?
•Due to the immense harm parental alienation causes should it be criminalised?
•Although alienation is a major cause of contact resistance or refusal what are the other causes that should be taken into consideration?
•Why is it important to examine the difference between alienation and estrangement?
•Does Parental Alienation qualify as Domestic Violence?

CPD Points - 5  In total for Part 1 and Part 2