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Mediating Relocation Matters

Mediating Relocation Matters with Presenters Adell-Mari Wolmarans, Dr. Madelene de Jong and Breytenbachs Immigration SA Limited.

Relocation is on the increase with very specific demands on Mediators and families.

When a parent decides to relocate whether it is to another province or country this can be challenging and painful for everyone involved.

Relocation can create conflict between the parents and in some cases can end in court. These cases are some of the most difficult especially due to sensitive nature of the families involved.

During the webinar we will discuss how a mediator can assist the parents to focus on positive co-parenting. Thinking out of the box to ensure that both parents are still actively involved in the children's lives. Taking into account the wishes of the children and ensuring their mental health is protected during this difficult period.

About the Presenters,

Adell-Mari Wolmarans is an accredited Family and Divorce Mediator with the South African Association of Mediators (SAAM) since 2009. As a mental health professional, Adell-Mari is registered with the South-African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) and is currently completing her Masters Degree at the North West University completing her studies in Forensic Social Work.

Dr. Madelene de Jong is an accredited SAAM mediator since 1994 and conducted many mediations over the past 25 years under the auspices of SAAM. As an academic at Unisa for 29 years and the University of Limpopo for 2 years, she also conducted in-depth research on divorce and family mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options over the years.

Breytenbachs offer expert advice and representation in relation to UK immigration law, UK visa applications, and UK visa reviews and appeals. They also offer advice and representation in all South African immigration matters.

Don't miss out on this important webinar!

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Mediating Relocation Matters

Mediating Relocation Matters

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