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An Introduction to Integrative Law

We end our year on a high note with SAAM'S new Chairman, Prof John Faris introducing integrative law.

During the 1980s, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was on the periphery of the legal system. Some thirty years later, ADR has moved from the periphery to the core since its processes have been integrated into most Anglo-American and Continental systems of Civil Procedure.

On account of the direct influence of ADR, systems change is occurring once more as impetus is slowly and progressively being given to the development of Integrative Law. Essentially, Integrative Law advocates a non-adversarial approach to lawyering and promotes lawyers as peacemakers who actively work for the common good.

Our guest speaker Professor John Faris is an attorney of the High Court of South Africa.
Prof. Faris has served in an advisory capacity as an ad hoc member of the ADR Sub-committee of the South African Rules Board for Courts. He was also appointed as a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Court-Annexed Mediation in the Magistrate’s Courts. He was a founder member of the Unisa Legal Aid Clinic and the Unisa Programme for Citizen Education in the Law and for many years served as chairperson of the related management committees.
Prof. Faris was also responsible for establishing the Unisa School for Practical Legal Education by Distance Learning.

CPD Points - 2

An introduction to Integrative Law

An introduction to Integrative Law

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