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Identifying and Managing Toxic Clients 

As family law professionals, we work with a great variety of people and influence many more.
We work with people who are in crisis, who are upset and are distressed. We want to assist families to create a functional living environment.

In most cases the clien
ts we work with are nice , but not always.
So, on the 28th of October, we'll talk about those who are nice and those who aren't so nice.

Those who are toxic not only to their families, but also to us and our practices.

So, how do we deal with this in order to break through this toxic behaviour and bring about peace?
What resources are available to help you understand this?

The following topics will be covered by our three guest speakers, Chantal Kur, Chantal da Cruz, and Jacqui O'Brien.

✓Toxic behaviour examples.
✓How to recognise the different types of toxic behaviour in people.
✓Examples and strategies for dealing with this.

CPD Points - 3

Identifying and managing toxic clients

Identifying and managing toxic clients

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