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Dealing with High Conflict Divorce as a Professional

Mediating high conflict divorce cases remains a formidable challenge for professionals in this field. 

SAAM’s upcoming webinar, "Dealing with High Conflict Divorces as a Professional" on Friday, September 8th should not be missed. Our host Dr. Tania Holz promises to be a valuable resource for professionals grappling with the complexities of such emotionally charged situations.

Divorce inherently poses a range of challenges, but when high conflict is involved, these difficulties can become overwhelming.Your role as a professional mediator is pivotal in orchestrating communication, taming volatile emotions, and steering parties towards resolutions that find common ground. Successfully handling high-conflict divorces necessitates a bespoke skill set, an arsenal of effective strategies, and an astute grasp of the interplay between legal intricacies and psychological dynamics.

The mediator's role is multifaceted. You are a guide, carefully directing parties through the legal labyrinth, while also being a mediator of emotions, creating a safe space for expression. Additionally, you act as a translator, converting legal jargon into understandable terms, and as a bridge-builder, connecting the parties' perspectives. Each of these roles demands finesse and insight that can only be refined through experience and learning.

We are truly honoured to have Dr. Tania Holz as the speaker for this webinar. With a career spanning over three decades, Dr. Holz is an experienced Educational Psychologist who holds a PhD in Child Psychology and Related Fields. She has an extensive background in therapeutic practice, supervision, and serving on key committees within educational and psychological associations. Dr. Holz's expertise encompasses high conflict divorce assessments, mediation, reconstructive therapy, and Voice of the Child assessments. 

Dr. Tania Holz's wealth of knowledge and experience holds the promise of equipping professionals like yourself with effective strategies to navigate the turbulent waters of high conflict divorce cases. 

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Dealing with high conflict divorce as a professional

Dealing with high conflict divorce as a professional

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