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Exploring Section 33 Applications

This webinar is specifically tailored to empower mediators, legal professionals, and anyone interested in the field of law by providing a comprehensive understanding of Sections 32 and 33 of the Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act 70 of 2008. 


This session offers you a unique opportunity to gain profound insights into these statutory provisions. 


We recognise that legal knowledge alone may not suffice. That's why we are committed to delivering practical insights that can be readily applied in your professional journey. At the core of our webinar lies a dedication to nurturing empathy within the legal community.  


Substance abuse is not just a legal issue, it's a deeply emotional challenge that profoundly impacts families and individuals. Our session extends beyond the mere statutes, shedding light on the emotional hurdles faced by those supporting their loved ones through this arduous journey. By grasping these dynamics, you will be better prepared to provide compassionate guidance and support. 


Simone Lamberti, our webinar host, boasts an impressive 15-year career, holding the title of Director at Biccari Bollo Mariano Inc. Her proficiency extends across multiple facets of litigation, encompassing civil collection cases and civil claims, all the way to appeals and trials. Simone’s extensive expertise covers a diverse range of legal areas, such as commercial litigation, corporate law, and family law. Her passion, deep understanding, and compassion for family dynamics facilitate successful and positive results in both her family litigation and mediation practices.   


We are delighted to have Advocate Johan Venter return as a guest speaker. Johan brings more than two decades of legal experience to our event. He is a highly skilled mediator and conflict resolution specialist, with a particular interest in family law.

CPD Points - 2

Exploring Section 33 Applications - Made with Clipchamp (5) (1)

Exploring Section 33 Applications - Made with Clipchamp (5) (1)

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