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Embracing family diversity in SA

Discover the richness of family diversity in South Africa by joining Prof Anne Louw & Prof Leentjie de Jong as our hosts explore the various family forms found in our society.


Prof Anne Louw has over 30 years of experience and is a distinguished academic in Family Law with a special interest in the acquisition of legal parenthood. Her work on adoption, surrogacy, and family law diversity has enriched our understanding of family structures in South Africa. 


Prof Leentjie de Jong is a renowned expert in Family law. As a full-time mediator, parenting coordinator, and divorce liquidator, she has a profound understanding of family dynamics and dispute resolution.


Our hosts will provide a comprehensive analysis of how the Constitution, legislation, and case law in South Africa deal (or should deal) with families involving children with multiple parents. 


 Topics covered include:


➡️Shared parenting of children in more than one household

➡️Polygamous families

➡️Open adoption

➡️Donor-assisted reproduction without surrogacy 

➡️The possibility of a 3-Parent child



 You will also learn about mediation's importance in developing parenting plans, parental responsibility and rights agreements, post-adoption arrangements, and surrogate motherhood agreements. Discover the essential role of a parenting coordinator in facilitating the successful implementation of these agreements.

CPD Points - 2

Webinar - Embracing Family Diversity in South Africa

Webinar - Embracing Family Diversity in South Africa

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