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Divorce Processes & Interim Applications: High Court, Regional Court, and Investigations by the Office of the Family Advocate

Are you facing a challenging divorce situation? Are you seeking a comprehensive understanding of interim applications and the vital role played by the Office of the Family Advocate?


 Our upcoming webinar on Divorce Processes & Interim Applications: High Court, Regional Court, and Investigations by the Office of the Family Advocate, is designed specifically with regards to these crucial aspects of family law.


 We are honoured to have Adv Alexia Vosloo-De Witt as our esteemed host for this webinar on the 9th of June 2023!


Adv Vosloo-De Witt is a distinguished advocate admitted to the High Court of South Africa and a member of the Gauteng Society of Advocates. With extensive experience in various areas of law, including Family and Divorce Law, she has appeared in both High and Lower courts, as well as the CCMA and Bargaining Councils. Her expertise encompasses Labour Law, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Contract Law, and more.


Her commitment to excellence and her dedication to the field of family law make her the perfect host for this webinar.


She will share her insights and will guide you through the intricate aspects of the divorce process and interim applications. Discover the key insights and strategies to expedite the divorce process and ensure the best interests of all parties involved, especially the children. 


What You'll Learn During this Webinar:


❶ First Steps in the Divorce Action:

• Get a comprehensive overview of the initial stages in the divorce process.

• Learn practical strategies for initiating divorce proceedings.


❷ Rule 43 Applications: Speedy Interim Relief:

• Gain valuable insights into Rule 43 applications, providing rapid interim relief for maintenance, contact between parties and children, and legal cost contributions.

• Explore how Rule 43 applications can help avoid lengthy delays in finalising divorces.


❸ Rule 43(6): Challenges and Solutions:

• Understand the complexities and potential challenges of Rule 43(6).

• Learn effective approaches to address the unique issues that may arise when dealing with Rule 43(6).


❹ Family Advocate's Office and Mediation (Rule 41):

• Discover the role of the Family Advocate's Office in divorce cases.

• Explore the benefits and importance of mediation, specifically in accordance with Rule 41.


❺ The New Family Court Directive:

• Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Family Court system.

• Gain insights into the new directive and its implications for divorce proceedings.


Adv Vosloo-De Witt's guidance will empower you to navigate these challenges with confidence and professionalism.


SAAM is dedicated to your success as a mediator. We believe that knowledge and commitment are key to overcoming obstacles and delivering exceptional outcomes for your clients. By joining our webinar, you will be part of a community that fosters growth, excellence, and continuous learning.

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Rental- Divorce Processes and Interim Applications.

Rental- Divorce Processes and Interim Applications.

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