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TC v SC Case Session 1


In 2018, the Western Cape High Court issued a monumental judgment that paved the way for a more equitable and innovative approach to parenting coordination.

SAAM's upcoming webinar on July 28th is dedicated to revisiting the landmark TC v SC case. Join us for "Exploring New Pathways in Parenting Coordination" as we discuss the transformative impact of this judgment.

🔵The Case

This case has reshaped the way we assist parents post-divorce, introducing effective non-binding recommendations that can be trailed and embraced by parents. Moreover, the judgment emphasises the significance of solution-focused mediation as the starting point for parenting coordination.

🔵Our Hosts

Ms. Esna Bruwer and Mr. Craig Schneider, renowned professionals in the field, will be your guides throughout this webinar.

Esna Bruwer is a highly experienced social worker specialising in assessing children and families involved in family law proceedings and conducting forensic risk assessments. With accreditation from the SA Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) and affiliations with organisations like the Board of Health Care Funders of South Africa (BHF) and the Family Mediators Association of the Cape (FAMAC), Esna Bruwer has established herself as a respected expert in her field.

Mr. Schneider, an esteemed attorney with over three decades of experience, is a qualified mediator and parenting coordinator, actively promoting mediation and co-parenting relationships in South Africa.

🔵What you'll learn

☑️Gain a comprehensive understanding of the TC v SC judgment and its impact on parenting coordination practices.
☑️Discover the power of non-binding recommendations in assisting parents post-divorce and fostering positive co-parenting relationships.
☑️Explore the limitations and necessary judicial oversight in implementing parenting coordination effectively.
☑️Learn practical strategies for incorporating solution-focused mediation into your parenting coordination practice.

Whether you are an experienced mediator, parenting coordinator, or new to the field, this webinar will provide you with valuable tools to enhance your professional practice.

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TC vs SC Case Session 1

TC vs SC Case Session 1

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