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Can Domestic Violence be Mediated?

learn about navigating the challenges of domestic violence and intimate partner violence and building a path towards healing and understanding where appropriate in these cases. 


About our Presenter Natalie Ruiters: 


Presenter Natalie Ruiters has a BA in Psychology and Pastoral Counselling, she is a dedicated professional with a strong commitment to family law mediation. As an Associate ‘for the children's sake’ Project at Wynberg Court, she focuses on the well-being of children within the legal system and the heart to see restoration within families and healing communities. Natalie is also a NABFAM Certified Mediator, ensuring fair resolutions in legal and family disputes. Additionally, she contributes as a Trainer at Social Justice, making her a valuable advocate for positive change and published a few articles with De Rebus and other publications. 


This webinar will explore mediating in volatile situations, offering practical guidance on: 


  • The complexities of mediating conflict in domestic violence, and aftermath of intimate partner violence where children are involved. 

  • Do's and don'ts for safe and effective mediation in such cases. 

  • Recognising signs of ongoing abuse and prioritising victim safety. 

  • The importance of collaboration between mediators and mental health professionals and other keystake holders that can be a supportive functionary to the parties. 


This webinar is ideal for: 


  • Mediators seeking guidance on sensitive cases involving domestic violence and intimate partner violence. 

  • Mental health professionals working with couples experiencing conflict and abuse. 

  • Individuals considering mediation after experiencing or witnessing domestic violence or intimate partner violence. 

  • Anyone seeking to understand the nuances of conflict resolution in volatile relationships. 

CPD Points - 2

Webinar: Can Domestic Violence be Mediated?

Webinar: Can Domestic Violence be Mediated?

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