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Welcome to SAAM

The South African Association of Mediators, also known as SAAM, is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) that acts as a professional regulatory body for its members.

SAAM is a Member Organisation for Family Mediators


Proudly, SAAM is a founding member of the National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators (NABFAM). In accordance with this, SAAM occupies two seats on the NABFAM Executive Board. As part of the process of defining and adopting sound standards, the executive committee sought to align South African Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) standards with international best practices. 

As such SAAM accreditation aims at supporting standards consistent with that of the International Mediation Institute (IMI). Fundamentally SAAM’s contribution to the complex and valued function of the practice of mediation in South Africa is based on solid foundations. These foundations are upheld by sound education and the training of mediators. Driven to transform as a current and up-to-date organisation continually.

SAAM Annual Conference

Meet our Hosts

We warmly invite you to the South African Association of Mediators (SAAM) Annual Conference, scheduled for the 29th of August 2024 at the Premier Hotel in Midrand.


This year’s conference, themed "Updates on Mediation, Parenting Coordination, and Other ADR Methods in South Africa", offers crucial discussions regarding the latest developments and practices within the field. 




Introducing Our Esteemed Speakers and Host and Their Topics of Discussion.

  • Prof. John Faris: SAAM Chairperson and Emeritus Professor at Unisa, will grace us as the conference host, bringing his vast experience and leadership in mediation and ADR to the forefront of our discussions.

  • Mr. Magwayi Mabena: Serving as the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Mabena is a distinguished SAAM EXCO member and a well-known labour law consultant and facilitator with Farisanani & Associates. His expertise in public relations brings a dynamic presence to our conference.

  • Judge Norman Davis: A key figure in the Gauteng Division of the High Court, Pretoria, Judge Davis is our keynote speaker. His insights into Rule 41A of the Uniform Rules of Court promise to enlighten and provoke thoughtful discussion.

  • Regional Court President Jakkie Wessels: Representing Limpopo as a keynote speaker, Ms Wessels will explore the new Chapter 2 mediation rules in the Magistrates’ Courts, providing valuable legal perspectives.

  • Dr. Dellene Clark and Ms. Karabo Ozah: Dr. Clark, the SALRC researcher on Project 100A, and Ms. Ozah, a member of the Advisory Committee on Project 100A and Director of the Centre for Child Law at UP, will jointly present on the latest developments on Project 100D and the Family Dispute Resolution Bill.

  • Mr. Pierre van Wyk and Prof Debbie Collier-Reed:  Collaborative session presenting perspectives on the development of Project 94 discussion paper on mediation and the generic Mediation Bill.

  • Dr. Astrid Martalas and Mr. Craig Schneider: Dr. Martalas, a counselling psychologist, mediator, and parenting coordinator at Pomegranate Therapy and Beyond, along with Mr. Schneider, co-chair of FAMAC and a respected lawyer, mediator, and parenting coordinator, will host a collaborative session with practical perspectives on mediation and parenting coordination.

  • Mr. Laurie Greyvenstein: Director of Social Justice will discuss mediation of domestic violence matters.

  • Ms. Zenobia du Toit: An attorney and family law arbitrator with Miller du Toit Cloete Inc, Ms. du Toit, will update us on the status of family-law arbitration in South Africa, highlighting key developments in this area.

  • Dr. Lynette Roux: Representing SAAM on the new ADRP-SA, Dr. Roux, a clinical psychologist, will offer insights into the inception and future directions of this overarching body for ADR professionals.

  • Prof. Leentjie de Jong: With updates on the new NABFAM guidelines for hearing the voice of the child in ADR and court processes, Prof. De Jong, SAAM EXCO member and NABFAM chairperson, will discuss innovative approaches in child-informed mediation.

Special Announcements:

  • Venue: Premier Hotel Midrand, Gauteng

  • Conference Timing: Join us from 8:30 AM to 16:30 PM for a full day of enriching discussions and networking opportunities.

  • Limited Seats Available: Please register early as seating is limited. 

  • Hospitality: Attendees will enjoy refreshments and snacks throughout the conference, courtesy of the venue. Additionally, SAAM will provide a welcome pack to all participants.

  • Dietary Requirements: We aim to accommodate all dietary needs. Kindly inform us of any specific requirements to ensure we can provide for you adequately during the conference.

  • Online Participation Available: Ensuring broad access, the conference will be available online. 



Introducing the
Referral Project

Are you a SAAM Accredited Mediator passionate about helping families navigate conflict towards peaceful solutions? Are you eager to expand your practice and make a lasting impact?  

SAAM would like to introduce our newest initiative, the SAAM-Kaelo Referral Project. 


This initiative connects SAAM Accredited Mediators with family dispute referrals through the esteemed Kaelo Employee Assistance Program, providing exclusive referrals to expand your practice and make a lasting impact.


SAAM Family Law Mediation.jpg

Why Choose
SAAM Accreditation?

Expertise: Gain access to cutting-edge mediation techniques and training resources.

Recognition: Showcase your commitment to excellence in family law mediation.

Network: Connect with a dynamic network of like-minded professionals.

Impact: Empower families to find peaceful resolutions and minimise conflict.

Protection: Safeguard yourself and your clients by adhering to SAAM’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Accredited Mediators.

Refresher Course.jpg

Course Pricing 

SAAM Members

You can take advantage of this incredible opportunity at a highly discounted rate of only R500!


Non-SAAM Members

 For those not yet part of SAAM, the course remains affordably priced at R750, allowing you to access top-notch training and knowledge.



Book our Latest Webinar

About our Webinar

Unconscious Bias in Mediation


Have you ever considered how unconscious bias in mediation can significantly influence the process and outcomes of conflict resolution. It refers to the prejudices and stereotypes that operate at a subconscious level, affecting decisions and interactions without the mediator’s awareness. Understanding these biases is crucial for mediators to ensure fair and effective mediation.


SAAM proudly invites you to attend our upcoming webinar on "Unconscious Bias in Mediation," on the 14th of June 2024, hosted by Advocate and Founder of Fair Practice, Veerash Srikison.


What You Will Learn


Ethical Considerations: Understand the critical role ethics play in conflict resolution and how biases can challenge ethical decision-making.

Identifying Bias: Learn to recognise different types of unconscious biases that can arise in professional settings.

Practical Strategies: Gain effective techniques to minimise and manage the influence of biases, enhancing your capacity to engage empathetically and fairly in your work.

Webinar 14 June 2024 (1).jpg

Meet Your Host, Veerash Srikison

Veerash Srikison, an admitted advocate and the visionary founder of Fair Practice, stands at the forefront of dispute resolution in Johannesburg. With a resounding reputation that includes winning the Best Mediation Firm of the Year at the South African Prestige Awards 2022/2023, Veerash brings over a decade of expertise in mediation and negotiation to this webinar. Her passion for fostering fair and cost-effective dispute resolution has transformed the lives of many, making her a revered figure in her field. 

Who Should Join

This webinar is ideal for mediators, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, educators, and anyone involved in conflict resolution or who aims to enhance their interpersonal and professional skills. 


Register now and secure your participation in this pivotal training session!

Upcoming Webinars for 2024

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