SAAM Membership Subscription

SAAM is a non-profit making multidisciplinary professional organization, established in 1988. It is a regulatory body for its members and is involved in family mediation through education and training, and through facilitation of family related matters. Its aims and objectives are contained in a constitution, a copy of which is available on the website. In order to achieve its aims and objectives, SAAM proposes to: 

    • Enhance and uphold the status of mediation in South Africa and promote it as a process for dispute resolution in all types of circumstances, including preparation for divorce and post-divorce conflicts;
    • Establish standards and procedures for admission to the profession of mediation;
    • Continue organizing conferences, workshops and lectures.

The Committee invites you to complete the application form and submit the relevant backing documents as set out in the section checklist and to pay the membership fee.

Upon receipt of the completed form, relevant backing documents and proof of payment (submit application form so that an invoice can be generated), your SAAM membership will be confirmed with the receipt of a Letter of Good Standing as SAAM Member.

Continued Accreditation Application