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Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

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Our presenter Johan Venter is a practising Advocate of the High Court, a Mediator in family law, commercial and medico-legal matters as well as a parenting coordinator. He is also involved in supervision and training of mediators.

During this webinar Johan will answer any questions relating to family law.

As mediators we have all dealt with situations unsure of the possible route to follow. This webinar will be an open discussion and feel free to ask about all your difficult or current cases.

Here are some examples of the questions during the webinar.

• Is there a time period wherein a parenting plan must be reviewed?
• What happens when a divorce was settled and concluded but the client wants to vary the agreement?
• Is a forensic investigation regarding a minors best interest needed when relocating?
•What happens when parents can't afford to pay for the Voice of the Child assessment?
•Can nesting arrangements be part of a parenting plan?
•What are the rights and responsibilities of unmarried fathers?

CPD Points - 2

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