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Unconscious Bias in Mediation


Have you ever considered how unconscious bias in mediation can significantly influence the process and outcomes of conflict resolution. It refers to the prejudices and stereotypes that operate at a subconscious level, affecting decisions and interactions without the mediator’s awareness. Understanding these biases is crucial for mediators to ensure fair and effective mediation.


SAAM proudly invites you to attend our upcoming webinar on "Unconscious Bias in Mediation," on the 14th of June 2024, hosted by Advocate and Founder of Fair Practice, Veerash Srikison.


What You Will Learn


Ethical Considerations: Understand the critical role ethics play in conflict resolution and how biases can challenge ethical decision-making.

Identifying Bias: Learn to recognise different types of unconscious biases that can arise in professional settings.

Practical Strategies: Gain effective techniques to minimise and manage the influence of biases, enhancing your capacity to engage empathetically and fairly in your work.


Meet Your Host, Veerash Srikison

Veerash Srikison, an admitted advocate and the visionary founder of Fair Practice, stands at the forefront of dispute resolution in Johannesburg. With a resounding reputation that includes winning the Best Mediation Firm of the Year at the South African Prestige Awards 2022/2023, Veerash brings over a decade of expertise in mediation and negotiation to this webinar. Her passion for fostering fair and cost-effective dispute resolution has transformed the lives of many, making her a revered figure in her field. 

Who Should Join

This webinar is ideal for mediators, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, educators, and anyone involved in conflict resolution or who aims to enhance their interpersonal and professional skills. 


Register now and secure your participation in this pivotal training session!

Unconscious Bias in Mediation

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