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Are you finding it challenging to manage ongoing parental conflicts post-divorce or separation? Do traditional dispute resolution methods seem inadequate?

The lack of effective resolution tools can leave families in turmoil and mediators feeling ineffective.


Imagine being equipped with advanced tools to resolve high-conflict situations efficiently, improving your mediation practice and supporting families more effectively.


The South African Association of Mediators is excited to announce their upcoming webinar on July 12, 2024, featuring Anne-Marie Cade from Melbourne, Australia. This 3 hour webinar will focus on the best practices in parenting coordination as a dispute resolution tool after divorce or separation. 


Key Topics to be Covered:

  • Understanding Parenting Coordination: Parenting coordination is a child-focused, post-divorce/separation dispute resolution process where a professionally trained Parenting Coordinator (PC) assists parents in managing ongoing inter-parental conflict and implementing court orders.

  • International Best Practices: Insights from various jurisdictions, including the USA, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Italy, and more, showcasing effective strategies and models for parenting coordination.

  • Role of the Parenting Coordinator: The multifaceted role of PCs in assessing disputes, managing conflict, educating parents, and sometimes making decisions to prevent repeated litigation.

  • Impact on Children: How effective parenting coordination can shield children from parental conflict, reducing stress and promoting healthier co-parenting relationships.

  • Ethical and Practical Considerations: Addressing the ethical standards, necessary competencies, and best practices for PCs to ensure they are effectively supporting families in high-conflict situations.


About the Speaker:



Anne-Marie Cade is a highly respected lawyer, nationally accredited mediator, family dispute resolution practitioner, and parenting coordinator based in Melbourne, Australia. With a Master’s in Law specialising in family dispute resolution and negotiation, Anne-Marie is also a certified divorce coach. She has extensive experience working as a family mediator and divorce coach, assisting parents in managing inter-parental conflict to co-parent peacefully.


Secure your spot today for this invaluable learning opportunity. Enhance your mediation skills, learn from an international expert, and earn CPD points to boost your professional development.


Don’t miss out on the chance to improve your practice and make a significant positive impact on the families you work with.


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Best practice in Parenting Coordination as a Dispute Resolution Tool

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