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Procedures in the Children's Court, Maintenance Court, and Domestic Violence Court

 In this webinar, Mervyn Vermeulen will discuss the intriguing topic of court procedures and their relevance to mediation. Understanding legal processes can significantly enhance a mediator's skills and contribute to successful dispute resolutions.


Here are five compelling reasons why court process knowledge is essential for mediators, especially in the South African context:


 Context - Understanding the Lay of the Land: Gain insights into the various stages of litigation and how they influence mediation. Discover how a mediator well-versed in court procedures can leverage this knowledge to guide parties towards an amicable settlement.


 Tools of the Trade - Understanding the Resources Available to You: Explore the legal tools and strategies at your disposal as a skilled mediator. Learn how to make the best use of documents shared during litigation to drive settlement discussions and facilitate effective resolutions.


 Emotions Are Everything - Meeting the Parties Where They Are: Understand the emotional toll court cases can have on disputing parties. Develop empathy and rapport by comprehending their emotional states, ultimately leading to a more satisfying resolution for all involved.


 Ifs, Ands, or Buts - What If Mediation Doesn't Work? Discover the role of a mediator with a thorough understanding of court procedures when mediation fails. Learn how they can demystify complex court processes, provide insights into possible outcomes, and help parties make informed decisions.


 Trust is Key - Building Credibility: Increase your credibility as a mediator by demonstrating a firm grasp of court procedures. Earn the trust of disputing parties, fostering open communication, and creating a cooperative atmosphere for effective negotiation and problem-solving.


Remember, a thorough understanding of court procedures is not just a requirement,it's a crucial asset for mediators seeking successful dispute resolutions.

CPD Points - 2

Procedures in the Children, Maintenance, & Domestic Violence Court

Procedures in the Children, Maintenance, & Domestic Violence Court

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