Why should you join the South African Association of Mediators?

If you are a mediator, becoming a member of the South African Association of Mediators will help you reach the highest level of professionalism and expertise.

Membership is however open to all who are interested in the field of mediation.

Membership introduces you to a network of information, advice and mediation skills.

It enables you to share a variety of learning opportunities – case discussion meetings, conferences, masterclasses, workshops and newsletters which concentrates on issues of importance in mediation.

There are two categories of membership: (Accredited members are awarded a certificate)

Associate: Being members who have paid their membership fee and are not qualified or do not wish to be mediators.

Practicing: Members who have passed such qualifying mediation training and who attained such general educational standards as may from time to time be prescribed by the Association and which entitles them to practice as mediators.

Honorary: Members who have been elected honorary members by the Executive Committee on account of particular expertise, experience or contribution in the field of mediation and ADR.

Student: Members who are bona fide registered students at a University, or any other institute recognised by the Executive Committee and who enrolled for a qualification in such fields of expertise as may be recognised by the Executive Committee.

Accredited: who have been granted accreditation by the Executive Committee on a successful application procedure.

I want to become a member

The Committee invites you to complete the membership application forms. Upon receipt of a completed application form, required backing documents and payment of full membership fees for the current year, your SAAM accreditation application will be considered.

SAAM annual membership fee for the year 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020 is R 790.50 or pro rata thereof from the date of application to 31 March 2020.  An invoice will be issued after the application has been received, please use invoice number as payment reference.

Please take note of the following: 

  1. Applications without all the required supportive documents will not be processed, until such time that all the required documents have been received.
  2. All supporting documents must be certified
  3. Only accredited members are listed on the SAAM Website directory