In order to train as a mediator you have to:

    1. Undergo training by a National Accreditation Board for Family Mediators (NABFAM) or The South African Dispute Resolution Accreditation Council (DiSAC) recognized trainers. (Age or specific tertiary qualifications are not normally required, though in the absence of the latter you may be required to undergo additional training.)
    2. Be assessed as being competent by someone qualified to do this
    3. Meet certain qualifying requirements, such as not having been convicted of  a crime. 

The Standards and minimum requirements are set out below.

Contact the NABFAM Accredited Trainers and/or DiSAC accredited Service Providers directly for costs and next training dates. 

What does SAAM Accreditation mean?

If a mediator is “SAAM Accredited”, it means that the Practitioner:

    • Has undergone approved training as a mediator/arbitrator
    • Was independently assessed and found to be competent
    • Has agreed to practice under supervision (and disciplinary processes) of SAAM Accredited Supervisor
    • Has agreed to abide by the SAAM Code of Conduct, and
    • Is subject to continued professional development requirements



Are all Mediators Accredited?

There is currently no regulatory requirement that mediators accredit themselves. This means that some people without the necessary qualifications hold themselves out to be mediators.

SAAM provides industry supported certification of qualification and good standing. This accreditation is voluntary, and provides peace of mind to the public that a SAAM accredited mediator meets the minimum industry standards for practice.





Please confirm whether or not the following person is accredited with SAAM:

Looking for a supervisor so that you can become accredited?

See below our accredited supervisors:

First NameLast NamePhoneEmailTitleRegions Rand North
Leon Rand South
TaniaHOLZ0828949691taniajholz@telkomsa.netDrEast Rand
QuinetteLE ROUX WEITSZ0825173022quinette.leroux@gmail.comMrsEast London South
OrnéLOUW Rand
Sarel MARAIS0825801848mediator.marais@gmail.comDrVaal Triangle
MaryMPETE0722113579mailto:marym.mpete@gmail.comMrsWest Rand
JacquelineO’ North Rand
JohanVENTER Rand