How do I become a mediator?


Supervised Sessions


Accredited Mediator

Prior Learning and Experience

  • Training in accredited mediation training courses, with assessment and certification of your attendance and competence
  • The mediation training course must be a minimum of 40-hour duration.
  • Social Workers and psychologists should be required to undergo additional training sessions on Family Law (12 hours)
  • Lawyers should be required to undergo additional training sessions in Mental Health (12 hours)
  • All other trainees should be required to undergo additional training sessions on Family Law and Mental Health (12 hours each)
  • Any other training needs that may have been identified by the Trainer
  • Participate in a minimum of at least 3 supervised sessions; each session must be a minimum of 1 hour
  • Contact a NABFAM Accredited Supervisor
  • The Supervisor will provide you with a confirmation letter of completion and competence

Where a Mediator has been trained through a training program that is not accredited by NABFAM, the mediator may apply for accreditation in one of the following ways:

  1. Undergo training through a NABFAM accredited training program; or
  2. If the Applicant is applying as an experienced Mediator specialising in family matters provide proof of:
    • 2 years’ experience as a mediator specialising in family matters;
    • Having completed a minimum of 10 cases (at least 80 hours) with clients in the context of family matters;
    • Two Memoranda of Understanding or Agreements that the Applicant has written for his/her clients at the conclusion of the mediation process. The Applicant must maintain confidentiality. All identifying features (names of clients, addresses, birthdates, file number) are to be removed prior to sending the copies of the documents to NABFAM.
    • Two letters of reference from two NABFAM accredited mediators.
  • Apply online
  • After submission of the application, an invoice will be issued
  • After full payment, a letter of good standing as anaffiliate member of SAAM will be issued
  • Should your application as an accredited mediator be successful you will receive an accreditation certificate stating that you have met the National Accreditation Board of Family Mediators (NABFAM) standards required to accredited as a Family & Divorce Mediator.
  • Accreditation with NABFAM shall be valid for 12 months from the date of accreditation, and you will be required thereafter to apply for continued membership and accreditation.
  • In order to qualify for continued membership and accreditation as Mediator, you must provide proof of a minimum of 15 CPD points per year.

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